Birthday Marketing

What is Birthday Marketing?
Birthday marketing is offerring special promotions to people on or around their birthday to entice them to go to your business.

Why use Birthday Marketing?
1. People are in a celebratory mood on their birthday so they'll spend MORE MONEY when they go out.
2. People like to celebrate their special day with lots of other people, which means MORE CUSTOMERS for you.
3. It's a great BRANDING tool. People love talking about their birthday, "YYYYY is so awesome, they gave me a free dessert for my birthday!"
4. It provides a STEADY STREAM of customers since birthdays are spread out through the year.

How Do I Start a Birthday Marketing Campaign?
Offer birthday COUPONS to locals that can be redeemed on or around their birthday.

What are Some Birthday Coupon Ideas for a Restaurant?
- A free meal.
- A free dessert.
- xx% off.

...for a Bowling Alley?
- Two free games.
- Free shoe rentals.
- A free hot dog and drink.

...for a Clothing Store?
- A free store branded shirt/hat.
- A $5 gift certificate.
- A birthday discount.